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Long rant, I needed this off my chest

We really want to believe that we are the captain of our ship, running what we think is our reality. I think this could only be partially correct at most.

There is a great deal of reality outside of us, and a universal knowledge of this unknown is something which does make all humans similiar. There are external forces at work which humans could not control, and these forces shape us, direct us, and control us.

I bring up brainwashing now, to underscore the extent to which the brain operates without any conscious control from the brain owner. Brainwashing can be easily done (the "snapping" technique, which will have a person, willingly or unwillingly, programmed in five days) and is not just sinister and unethical but immediately puts the spotlight on the deceptive nature of the human brain itself - just what are we in control of? Can an individual be completely controlled by someone else? (Actually, yes). Is it at all possible to make a choice or decision based upon completely inner convictions and influences? And if so, how do we determine when those convictions and influences which we feel shape us were not external themselves, i.e, taught or conditioned since birth? We feel correct in raising a human by instilling proper values but where did those come from? And more precisely, what is freedom? How can we possibly believe in the concept of freedom when we as individuals are not the sole executors of ourselves?

Don't get me wrong - freedom is necessary and without it, ironically, you take away a piece of the human being, the entity itself. When we cannot move freely, create freely, choose to do as we want with ourselves freely (at least as much as we like to think we are) then no human is really free. As long as any form or discrimination is allowed and practiced, or certain groups are treated differently than other groups, no one is really free. I promise you that. When laws and regulations are continaully created and enforced limiting movements, creations, personal habits and activities, we are stripping away pieces of the human being and its individual freedom. When we try to put limits on the ability of the human to be stupid, we lose our humanity.

Our freedom is badly threatened right now, and much of this is hidden by the powerful brainwashing placed upon the common people not just here in the United States but worldwide. The easiest way to control people is through money, and the method is usually fear. People are scared and broke, that's definitely true. This process will continue, and though you probably would not recognize it as such, what this process is called is Economic Enslavement. This process has been happening and you probably already know some people trapped in this form of slavery: the unwed mother encouraged to have more babies for government support, the father employed but crushed by debt, the homeless man unable to rent an apartment because of bad credit.

The middle class has been dissolving for the last decade, and while a few politicians have faked their concern for this, no one has actually done anything about it. Again, we want to be taken care of. We don't want to have the bad conscience. We want to be tucked into bed, patted on the head, told everything is going to be alright. Brainwashing everyday, everywhere you go, has ensured this process for actually many decades. Apathy and fear go hand in hand, fueling eachother. Men aren't men anymore, women aren't women. Everyone around is allowing there brains to rot and wither under the glare and overstimulation of video games, hours of television, countless dollars you don't have spent on shit you don't need. Fewer and fewer visitors at libraries, more high school dropouts, more pregnant teenagers, more apathy, more of a lack of regard for the dumbing down of our people, no outrage regarding this to be allowed to develop. Didn't anyone ever read Common Sense by Thomas Payne? "Do not allow the citizens of a nation of be ignorant. Educate onself, make oneself aware. An ignorant nation is one most likely deposed to tyranny."

Oh yes, ignorance is alive and well here, and so tyranny is alive and well. Don't think for a minute you're getting out of it. The process started before you were born, and will be hell for your children. (Case in point: don't have babies. They tend to further the problem, this proliferation of people). The sooner you face the fact we're fucked, the wiser you will be.

Remember this though: it is better to die a free man than live as a slave. Evil triumphs when good men do nothing. Think about that. When the hour comes, will you be prepared to fight?
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