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A thought

occurred to me while reading about the transmission of radio waves into outer space by S.E.T.I.. The vastness of the known universe is incomprehensible. Is God, if he really is there, intercepting those transmissions like a protective parent intercepts a heavy vase before it topples over onto the curious infant who pulled it over? Does he/she even care? Is our (religious or otherwise) idea of God even accurate? At times it seems he really is a creation of man. A scapegoat, a reason for when things get shitty beyond our control. We talk about him/her like he/she is, again, like a parent who throws things at us in mortality to teach us a lesson, or to help us a figure things out, like a parent teaches obedience by taking away privileges for misbehavior. Do we ask ourselves; "what does God want me to learn from this?" Because we need a reason, a purpose for our pain? The alternative? That my life is the result of my and lets face it, others' choices, rather than and all knowing, all powerful creator. Is there really, religiously or otherwise a way our life is truly our own? Are we are all at the mercy of The Omnipotent, or the hypothetical drunk driver... I have no idea.
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